The Rose River Band... eclectic acoustic rock covers w/great harmonies
Yes Dave and Tim are notorious for fretting their time away downstairs playyyyying music again.

Well if our wives would considering artists and not husbands they would understand it's just like delicately placing paint on canvas. So that rationalization behind us; Dave is more organized in his recordings, and you can buy them HERE.

Great accessible price of $10 with free freight, and if you stop by he'll always try to have a few copies with him. First up, the instrumental CD with all originals and traditionals because we we want to comply with the licensing laws. If you want a taste of what it sounds like, check out his piece written for Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey.

Here are the songs... Dave has many more examples on his YouTube Channel,

He would love to have it in your hands, so the pricing is very accessible at $10.

Of course if you want to hear his first effort that he had on iTunes for awhile; he'll burn you a copy of Gypsy Soul by Dave Zeman (his gypsy alias), at the same outrageously cheap price of $10 including shipping.  Now this one has three live cuts from Rose River... 8 is Midnight, Denim & Lace, and Blonde Attitude.  Some of the songs have other lead singers and need to check the liner notes.

This CD actually has a blog with all the liner notes.
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